Bambi (1942) | animation - Milt Kahl

Milt Kahl and some of his colleagues had a way of drawing and animating characters that seem to inhabit real space. Individual parts of the body connect organically, and there is a flow from one form into another. A full understanding of the character’s anatomy as well as perspective is the key to achieving this type of dimensionality. 

Rough drawings, like the one above, often indicate how the animator solved drawing problems. They also show where time was spent and effort put into carving out correct, believable and interesting poses. In this sketch Milt was concerned with Bambi’s head in a down position, and how it connects to the body. Fascinating brain work. Deja View




Gravity Falls: Soos and the Real Girls Roughs

First let me say if you’ve liked the last 2 episodes, give some props to Matt Braly who directed both of them. This episode was his baby and I watched him develop this thing from the ground up.

Second, this isn’t inspired by Friday Night at Freddy’s or whatever it’s called. It’s inspired by Showbiz pizza which most kids that grew up in the 80’s spent time in.

Third a lot of people have asked me about my comment of being done with GF in February, to clarify, I’ll be done drawing the second season around then. It’ll take time for those episodes to finally reach your tv/internet thievery. My future beyond that is uncertain.

Alonso Ramirez Ramos pretty much designed Giffany’s animatronic form and I just revised a few things. My buddy Sunil Hall took a picture of me drawing that gross Hoo Ha Owl logo midway, so I included that so you can see a bit of the process.

RobertRyan Cory! If you look closely at his neck you can see his animatronic wires 



That weird 10 seconds of good animation in an episode always weirds me out.